Netwave Communications Inc.
  Netwave Communications Inc. is an IT Solutions Provider established in 1995 with a mandate to deliver superior Internet Technologies, Network Integration, Software Development to our clients.
 Remote Offsite Backup Services
We offer you the simplicity of scheduled backups that is secure and affordable.
 Web based training
Our catalog of over 650 Online courses addresses all of your needs.
 Document Management System
Our document system will simplify the organization of your electronic data.
 Realtime Data Encryption - PIPEDA Compliant)
Cryptodisk is a means to create encrypted storage that is easily accessible to safely store your data.
Company News

May 10, 2004
Netwave announces DSL is coming!!!


May 1, 2004
Netwave launches WebAccelerator
This is a new service that will speed up ANY internet connection by as much as 6X.

April 1, 2004
Netwave launches
Netwave launched today. It is a Remote Backup service that allows you to securely store your electronic data offsite. In the event of a catastrophic failure, you may easily restore your data and be back in business in munites.

This service encrypts your data during transmission to our servers as well as when the data is actually stored.


October 10, 2003
Netwave expands its dialup coverage area to all of North America. Now you will be able to connect from virtually any city in North america at no extra charge.


Who we are
Netwave has a proven track record for Internet services and software development. We have provided consulting services to clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to education institutions, medical and dental, government and non-profit agencies with whom we continue to work.

As part of our full IT solution, Netwave offers a full range of support services including network and technical support, application support and maintenance services. We provide expertise in the support of a full range of Microsoft,Novell and Unix products. Our experience with a wide variety of platform technologies including Microsoft, IBM, Unix and Linux allow us to address any of your IT concerns ... We Simplify IT.

Our software development projects are now managed by NexxSolutions which is part of Netwave Communications Inc.

 What we do
Netwave offers a wide range of IT services including:
  • Internet Access
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Site Development
  • Server Co-Location
  • Dedicated Connection
  • Domain Registrations
  • Network vulnerabilty analysis
  • Security firewalls
  • Network setup, Configuration and Maintenence

  • Software Development via NexxSolutions

     Featured Service
  • Dialup internet access with access points across North America.
  • WebAccelerator
    Speed up any internet connection by 6X.
  • iPass Global Roaming
    Get access to the Internet from any country in the world via our Global Roaming Service.
  • Anti-Spam Service
    Our Anti-Spamming service will pre-scan your emails prior to delivery to your domain.
  • Anti-Virus Service
    Our Anti-Virus service will pre-scan incoming and outgoing emails prior to delivery to your domain or your client's.


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